Greenwich Point

9 Stops
Duration: 01:30:00
Distance: 3218  Loop

This tour features original structures, historical markers, a holly grove, a walled garden, large saltwater tidal ponds, an islet with a sculpture of an eagle, a marvelous view from the hilltop site of the Tod manor and many stories about the development of this historic property. Visiting all the stops on this tour in order will take a leisurely 1.5 hours. You may wish to spend the rest of the day enjoying everything the park has to offer!

Greenwich Point Park has had many names over the past 400 years. The native Siwanoy referred to it as “Monekewaygo,” which translates roughly into “shining sands.” Early settlers referred to it as “Elizabeth’s Neck,” referring to the particular purchase of this point of land by Elizabeth Fones Winthrop Feake in 1640. J. Kennedy Tod built his 147-acre Victorian estate here in the 1880s and named it “Innis Arden,” using his native Scots Gaelic for (again, roughly) “tall island.” A public park was established and named Greenwich Point Park in 1945 when the town purchased the property from the New York City Presbyterian Hospital. Today, it’s often just called: “The Point!”

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